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Carlton Draught (Heavy)
Carlton Dry (Heavy)
VB Gold (Mid)
Cascade Premium Light
Crown Lager (stubbies)
Strongbow Clear
Strongbow Dry
Bulmers Pear



Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc, Snow Road, 2010
A blend designed for fresh easy drinking with vibrant Sauvignon Blanc balanced with soft creamy Chardonnay

Sauvignon Blanc, High Plains, 2011
Tropical/lychee aromas with subtle herbaceous flavours on the palate. A soft yet crisp finish leave a lasting impression

Chardonnay, High Plains, 2010
Fresh peach and melon aromas lead to a rich palate of clean fruit and lightly toasted French oak

Moscato, Snow Road, 2011
A refreshing slightly spritzy wine made for easy drinking and relaxing times. Fresh musky aromas with tropical/lemon flavours

Frizzante 490m, Plunkett-Fowles, 2011
Fresh, light, sweet and bubbly, this wine is intensely aromatic and displays a lovely rose petal, floral and musk perfume. Sweet with a fresh clean finish

Prosecco, Sam Miranda, 2010
A generous bead of bubbles, nice peach and green apple aromas. Soft on the palate, finishes crisp and refreshing

Pinot Grigio, Sam Miranda, 2010
Classic Grigio style with crunchy apple and natural acidity


Shiraz Cabernet, Snow Road, 2009
Designed to be soft and fruity yet firm through the palate, with white pepper and plum aromas

Cabernet Sauvignon, High Plains, 2010
Aromas of blackberry and cloves are backed up with ripe plum and berry flavours on the palate

Shiraz, High Plains, 2010
Lifted floral nose and lovely medium-weight, spicy/sour plum palate that’s firm on the finish

Merlot, High Plains, 2010
Juicy plum and mulberry fruit with typical Merlot spice

Cabernet Merlot 490m, Plunkett-Fowles, 2008
Vibrant, rich and soft, this wine has aromas of rum and raisin, red fruits and spice. Palate is full of bluberries and has soft tannins with a lovely long finish

Shiraz Dolce 490m, Plunkett-Fowles, 2009
Vibrant, plump and peppery. Cherry and blackcurrant aromas meld with chocolate, spice and oak notes. Juicy fruit palate and a silky firm finish.

Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon, Sam Miranda, 2009
Savoury characteristics of the Sangiovese blend beautifully with the rihness and depth of the Cabernet Sauvignon


Sparkling, Snow Road
Fresh, floral style sparkling, exhibiting a rich and bubbly palate

Sparkling Pink, Snow Road
Crimson pink in colour, fresh floral & fruity characters balanced by a rich and bubbly palate


Top shelf

Non-alcoholic Drinks

Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Raspberry

Lemon and Lime, Mountain Blast, Gold Rush, Blackcurrant, Berry Ice



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